NaturalCALCIUM by Sky Natural Products is not just a 100% natural supplement for healthy teeth and bones. It is much more than that.

It protects cardiac muscles, ensures healthy alkaline pH levels, prevents menstrual depression, helps maintain optimum body weight and reduces risks of colon cancer and kidney stones.

It is instrumental in the maintenance of cell membranes, helps regulate your heart and helps to carry messages along your nervous system, among others.

With so many health benefits, should’t you look at subsidising your calcium intake with NaturalCALCIUM? Providing natural calcium and Vitamin C, NaturalCALCIUM easily absorbs without any of the normal side effects like constipation or acid formation in the stomach.

So whether you’re young, old, pregnant or going through menopause – your body needs NaturalCALCIUM every step of the way.

  • Useful as a natural calcium supplement.
  • Beneficial in building and maintaining healthy
    teeth and bones.